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Our highly-curated, complete ritual for total skin rehabilitation. By using advanced science to harness the power of postbiotics sourced from the human microbiota, yeast postbiotics, fermented botanicals and pH intelligence, skin is able to find a new level of vibrant health. Conditions including acne, hyperpigmentation, melasma, dullness, fine lines and even severe skin conditions are eliminated or reduced.
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  • Limited Edition Skin Re-Set

    The Editrix ritual, when used as a system, is a complete skin rehabilitation. This is a highly curated, power-packed line of 4 products using postbiotics sourced from the human skin microbiome to reduce pigmentation, adult acne, melasma, dullness, and give skin back its luminosity. The double cleanser keeps the pH of skin slightly acidic (where young skin needs to be) yet cleanses effectively using zero water. The third and fourth step repopulate the bacterial biodiversity of the skin microbiome with added anti-aging powerhouse ingredients. Over time, the culmination of this system gives skin the ability to function at the performance level of young, healthy, resilient skin. 

    The Skin Re-Set includes: 

    Step I + II: Clean & Protect with Demigod and Deuxme.

    Step III: Reinforce the skin barrier, acid mantle, brightens, and feeds skin postbiotic nutrition.

    Step IV: Plant-based anti-aging, brightens skin, nourishes with pre and postbiotics, moisturizes with lipid-identical ceramides, and heals skin damage.   

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