The Editrix Ritual

One look at the current state of our bathrooms and it’s clear that a large percentage of our net worth is tied up in beauty products. Not only has the industry become a crowded marketplace, but we are ironically seeing an unprecedented rise in skin diseases as we unknowingly sensitize and accelerate aging in our skin. If beauty confusion has hit home, what now? We advocate listening to the science, allowing the higher intelligence of your skin to lead the way, and becoming your own advocate before launching into a new skincare routine. If you’ve read this far, you’re one of us. And if you’re ready to jump on board, here is what you can expect from the Editrix ritual:

Step 1. The Golden Elixer

Demigod: Ayurvedic Cleansing Oil


We begin our Editrix journey with oil cleansing because we understand the premise that like removes like. To effectively remove pollution, excess oil, makeup, sunscreen and dirt, an oil can cut through and instantly melt it away without stripping skin. Water-based cleansers must rely on surfactants to cleanse and must work twice as hard to remove these substances usually at the expense of your acid mantle and skin barrier. Editrix uses highly coveted oils like Sea Buckthorn and Rosehip (and so many more) to quickly penetrate the skin while never clogging pores. Even for those who are acne prone, this is healing and restorative. So effective is Demigod, we recommend using it on the face and body as a moisturizer – the high dose of Vitamin C and Licorice Root lends dewy brightness to skin.  

To use Demigod, pump into hands and massage into face. Soak a washcloth with warm water and use it to cover the face for a steaming effect, then wipe off.. 

Immediately after using Demigod, you should feel cleansed (not stripped), hydrated and glowing.


Step 2. A Multitasking Hero

Deuxième: Postobiotic Fermented Cleanser

Deuxième’s (literally means second in French) lush foam will leave you obsessed and addicted. Used as a daily cleanser with an option for a quick mask, you will feel instantly tighter and brighter. How does our cleanser resemble the effects of a treatment? Deuxième doesn’t try to be balanced. Instead, it will take your skin on a journey down the pH scale where skin is meant to thrive. Once at a comfortable 4.5 pH, you will be astonished at how resilient and healthy skin can be. A slightly acidic skin pH protects the acid mantle for microbiome health. When the microbiome is healthy, not stripped, you are setting the stage for a host of skin benefits that only your beneficial bacteria can naturally give you. Deuxième also omits any water in the formula so each pump is pure power, not filler. 

To use Deuxième, shake the bottle and pump into hands and massage onto dry skin. Either rinse off with warm water immediately or leave on for 2-3 minutes before rinsing off for a quick luminosity boost. 


Step 3. The Luminosity Boosting Shield

Superare: Microflora Barrier Film

Superare should not be confused with a toner, this is a sprayable treatment that will revolutionize your skin. Acne? We got you. Melsama, done. Dull skin? Never again. Superare’s distinct fermented smell signals you’re onto something new. Superare repopulates the skin with postbiotics harvested from healthy, human microbiomes through a patent-pending fermentation process (this is our Biodiveristy Broth™). It is packed with amino acids, enzymes, peptides, vitamins, and minerals that are a direct result of human bacterial metabolites and what is often lost on our skin. In addition, we’ve harnessed a yeast used in sake fermentation to ferment Ayurvedic botanicals (this is our Liberated Botanicals™). This releases the plant nutrition and directly lends itself to healing skin and eliminating transepidermal water loss. We’ve added to nature’s miracle with a high dose Niacinamide and eliminated any water in the formula but instead pack Superare with Rice Bran Extract, Rose Water, and other fortifying postbiotics. 

To use Superare: For the pro user: spray directly on the face (avoiding eyes). For the intermediate user: spray into hands and press into skin. For the beginner user: spray on a cotton pad and wipe skin.

After using Superare, you might be so amazed with the immediate luminosity, a propensity for taking selfies will ensue. After 30 days, skin will reveal its best self. 


Step 4. The Holy Grail

Bakterium Delirium: Skin Education Serum

Bakterium Delirium has developed an instant cult following, and has been defined as “liquid gold”. A cream-like serum that packs such a punch, nothing is needed after.  It is formulated for  anti-inflammation, anti-pollution, antioxidants, anti-aging, microbiome restoration, acid mantle protection and collagen regeneration. Bakterium Delirium harnesses the power of postbiotics from our proprietary methods, prebiotics in the form of bioidentical lipids, and custom fermented plant medicine.

In addition to the microbiome therapeutics, this serum contains plant based alternatives to retinol and hydroquinone with the use of Bakuchiol and Arbutin. The use of Vitamin F (lipids)  provides enough moisture to keep the stratum corneum strong. 

To use Bakterium Delirium: pump one or two drops into hands and press over skin and neck. 

Immediately after using Bakterium Delirium, skin has an immediate glow and look of health. After 30 days, skin will feel tighter and ultra hydrated, melasma will begin to fade and if skin conditions are present, they will begin to resolve. 

The Benefits of Using The Entire Ritual

While each Editrix product has its benefits, the true secret to unlocking ultimate skin health is devoting your skincare routine to a system of pH intelligence (what keeps your skin barrier and microbiome intact), Ayurveda, and the pathway of the microbiome. When solely using Editrix, most customers have seen unbelievably positive results in as little as 7 days. Documented cases of eczema and psoriasis have disappeared or greatly reduced, severe adult acne treated, teenage acne reduced, melasma lightened or disappeared, hydration restored, and skin luminosity through the roof. Say goodbye to Tik Tok trends trying to teach us how to fake gorgeous skin, what makes your skin actually tik is understanding its health needs.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Always consult with your doctor first.

**To be featured by Editrix, and to see your own skin transformation journey, make sure to document and share your before and after photos. We promise, you’ll be surprised with the results.